Equity and a Culture of Care and Responsiveness

Equity and a Culture of Care and Responsiveness address the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC 2014) Standard 5 – a Community of Care for Students, and Standard 10 – Equity and Cultural Responsiveness.
These Standards outline the responsibilities of the educational leader in creating an inclusive school culture characterized by supportive relationships, equitable academic and social conditions, and cultural responsiveness so that all students have access to a high quality education that prepares them for college, career and democratic citizenry.
  1. Builds a culture of trust.
  2. Ensures each student is known, valued, and supported academically and socially.
  3. Maintains an environment that is physically safe, secure, and healthy and emotionally protective.
  4. Fosters schools as affirming and inclusive places and ensures equitable access to institutional capital and support.
  5. Promotes understanding, appreciation, and use and/or participation of diverse cultural, ecological, social, political and intellectual resources.
  6. Advocates and supports children, families and caregivers.
  7. Attacks issues of student marginalization; deficit-based schooling; and limiting assumptions and/or attitudes about gender, race, class, intellect, and special status.