Shaping the Future of Education: Harwood Seizes the Opportunity to Communicate

ACT 77 – the Vermont Flexible Pathways Legislation strives to bring the highest quality education to every Vermont student.  The premise of ACT 77 is to prepare all students for college, career and democratic citizenry in a rapidly changing world through personalized learning paths, diverse and rigorous academic learning, career development, and applied local and global community experiences.

Students, teachers and administrators from Harwood Union are currently working on a communication campaign to engage all stakeholders in understanding and embracing school change.  Below is our first communique which was developed to initiate engagement and raise awareness about ACT 77.  It was collaboratively written by students Cole Lavoie, Sophia Minter and Alexa Widschwenter; teachers Ellen Berrings and Marcus Grace; and me, Amy Rex.

As we set out to improve the Harwood community, our most important goal is to develop all students’ talents, so that a diversity of skills is available to enrich our collective future. In our ever-changing world, we have many roles to preserve and even more to discover. Therefore, education must be remodeled to empower and support students to maximize their potential and thus make meaningful contributions to our community.

Our changing world requires us to strengthen our educational system. Therefore, we must remodel our educational system. When you remodel a house, you do more than just repaint it: you make structural changes to meet your needs. You love your house – the smell and feel; however, you may need extra space for your growing family, a new bathroom and electrical system. Remodeling requires time and a blueprint.

Just as a house needs remodeling from time to time, so do our schools. At Harwood we have been remodeling for a number of years and now the rest of the state of VT is taking strides to adopt some of our core values and principles which we have long held dear to us. We love Harwood, and we have a solid blueprint that will take us step-by-step towards an even more promising future.

Harwood and other schools in Vermont have now set their sights on a common horizon, and in that horizon are personalized learning opportunities for every Vermont student. Act 77, the flexible pathways initiative, embodies the concepts that support personalization. Stay tuned for our explanation of the components of this legislation and what Harwood is doing to lead the way!